music is our family tradition nasrollah nassehpoor

Ostad Nasrollah Nassehpoor is a legendary Persian vocalist and one of the finest singing teachers alive today. His virtuosity in teaching and singing earned him a legacy as a giant of teaching Persian Vocal Radif Repertoire. Ostad Nassehpoor was born in an Azerbaijani musician family, but after moving to Tehran, he transformed his studies for Persian music both for vocal and instrumental under the most legendaries of his time.

He graduated in the end Ostad Davami’s school, who is the founder of Persian vocal Radif Repertoire. Ostad Davami has allowed Nassehpoor, when he was alive, to record his repertoire as his only assessor, who earned his final grade certificate.

Nassehpoor lovely teaches and performs as he always believe; “music is our family tradition”. is the Official website of Nasrollah Nassehpoor, an Outstanding Vocalist from Iran
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